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Powder coating is a completely dry finishing technique used on thousands of consumer and industrial goods. The automotive and maritime industries, appliance makers, architects, and builders all rely on powder coating for its decorative and protective properties, which include a lustrous shine, outstanding color selection, and a durable, long-lasting finish.

Most people don't realize the staggering number of products that take advantage of powder coating's unique benefits. Metal furniture, baby strollers, office supplies, lighting fixtures, and appliances are just a few of the everyday items that feature powder coated protection.

Powder coating is smoother, longer lasting, cleaner, less expensive, and more ecologically friendly than any other finishing technique. No toxins or aerosols are used. Unlike other metal finishing techniques that depend on chemicals and solvents, powder coating uses electrically charged and finely ground pigments and resins that adhere to your parts surface. That part is then heated in a curing oven, which bonds the powder to its grounded surface to produce a smooth, even finish. You're left with a beautiful, uniform coat that looks like paint but is many times stronger.

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